Our Story

We are a Vancouver, BC-based company, dedicated to using only local products supporting and improving farming practices in BC.

We stand by our products. We only use ingredients meant for human consumption and we always make minimal ingredient treats so you know exactly what you are giving to your pets. We promise to be transparent and always prioritize your pet’s well-being.


Our mission is to optimize your dog's wellness with a source of protein that is Sustainable and Super Healthy. 

There is no question that our best friend’s diet has a huge impact on their quality of life. Unfortunately, many products in today’s market are borderline poisonous.

Each and every one of our products is created with natural and human-grade ingredients and we only offer products that we feed our own pets. We strive to be the brand that is trusted to go further.

CEO and Founder

Raul Jehoash Fonseca

Innovator and entrepreneur with 6 years in business leadership. Experienced in all aspects of business formation, operation, finance, and management. Bachelor's degree in Economics and a Diploma in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

But overall a dog lover, comprised of new sources of protein and social impact. He Strongly believes that pets deserve free medical treatment.